Экономический вариант удлиненного лазерного волоконного режущего станка формата 4,5 х 1,5 м

Номер по каталогу: OR-FM4515
Рабочее поле: 4500 x 1500 mm
Рекомендуемая мощность лазера: 500 - 2000 W
Ось вращения:
Сменные столы:

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HS-G4015B-F30 is designed for processing different types of pipes and tubes with a length of up to 3,000 mm and a diameter not exceeding 150 as well as for processing sheet material with maximum dimensions of 4,000 x 2,000 mm. This machine could be optionally delivered as fully automatic capable of handling pipes of up to 325 mm in diameter.

The machine flat part construction is based on the type HS-G4015A with a drive in the form of a combination of servomotors and the system of a rack and a pinion. This system allows reaching high precision of 0.05 mm and high speed as well as allowed accelerated speed of 1.5 G. The advantages of this combination are reflected mainly in the processing of shape-demanding objects, as the work efficiency is higher by up to 40 %, compared to the M-series. The device is equipped with a fixed table with a working area sized 4,000 x 1,500 mm.

The other part of machine is designed for processing different types of pipes and tubes with a length not exceeding 3,000 mm and a diameter of 150 mm (optionally 325 mm). It uses an extremely precise principle of a tube laser; the material is fed through the rear chuck in the precisely controlled trolley, and through the front chuck up until it reaches the area under the cutting head. The rear chuck of the version F30 features a pneumatic, i.e. automatic design. The front through chuck is mechanical; however, it requires to be set only at the moment when you change the type of the section to be processed.

The machine is controlled by two programs: CypCut - for 2D cutting, and CypCut Tube for section cutting. Source data for surface cutting are imported in the most common format .dxf, which can be generated from a variety of software programs. For section cutting, data are loaded in the format .iges. To prepare data for section cutting, the software Solidworks is highly recommended; the manufacturer guarantees its full compatibility. We supply both the software programs with two licenses; one is installed directly in the machine, whereas the other is intended for possible data preparation outside your device. The software is fully localized into the Czech language.

The machine is supplied with cover protection. The energy from the laser source is not supplied to the place of cut by a mirror system as it was with obsolete CO2 lasers, but through an optical fiber in an armored cable. This design significantly simplifies machine operation and adjustments, increases machine reliability and its resistance to shocks in industrial operations.

The machine chassis is not to be sold separately; you can purchase it only together with the selected laser source.

Thanks to our pricing policy, the price includes the actual machine, its transport to the customer in the territory of the Czech Republic without any price increases, professional installation as well as commissioning and operator training. The main training is held immediately after the installation and it lasts about 8 hours; the other part of the training is performed free of charge after about thirty days from the delivery of the machine.

Foreign customers will receive the same services; however, they shall pay machine transport costs to the destination from the Czech borders. We always try hard to keep these costs at an acceptable level. On request, we will be happy to confirm binding calculations.

The given price of the machine includes:

  • Purchase of the machine with the selected laser source
  • Transport to the customer to any address in the Czech Republic
  • Complete installation of the device and its connection to power mains and gas mains
  • Staff training lasting max. 12 hours
  • The first part of training shall be held immediately after completing the installation and it shall last about 8 hours
  • The other part of training shall be provided after about thirty days of machine operation
  • Technical support in Czech or English
  • 2 software licenses for CypCut Tube - one installed in the machine, the other for possible data preparation

Description of the Production of Fiber Machine Chassis

In the manufacture, the CNC machine chassis is first heated up to a temperature of 600 °C and then gradually cooled down according to a pre-set scheme in a cooling box for the period of 24 hours. Its machining is then performed with a special milling cutter with a length of 8 meters. Any welds are performed exclusively in a protective atmosphere. Thanks to this procedure, we can guarantee long duration of this machine without any mechanical deformations.

Compared to the other laser types, fiber lasers feature the highest efficiency (CO2 laser - 10%, YAG laser - 2%, fiber laser – 30~35%). Thanks to the routing of the laser beam through the optical fiber, they do not need any complex internal optics to make adjustments or any other internal moving parts. Fiber lasers thus have low operating and maintenance costs as well as very long service life of up to 80 - 100 hours. Compared to the conventional CO2 lasers, fiber lasers feature higher energy density of laser beam (= laser beam energy is concentrated on a smaller area). This ensures much narrower cuts with sharp edges for the fiber lasers. Thanks to this fact, even cutting of very fine structures is possible. Much higher cutting speed then ensures less temperature interference around the cut and minimizes possible deformations of the material due to heat.

Скорость позиционирования на ось: 80 m/min
Ускорение на ось: 0.6 G
Точность позиционирования: 0.02 mm
Точность перепозиционирования: 0.03 mm
Привода: серводвигатели
Передача движения: зубчатые гребни
Рабочая температура: 5 - 35 °C
Рабочая влажность: <40 %
Программное обеспечение: CypCut
Графические форматы: DST, PLT, DXF, DWG, AI, LAS atd.
Машина с охранным кожухом:
Номер по каталогу: I0500
Производитель: IPG Photonics
Название: IPG Photonics 500W
Оптическая мощность: 500 W
Потребляемая мощность: 4.00 kW (Источники питания лазера с охлаждением)
Длина волны: 1065 nm
Вес: 0 kg
Срок службы: 100000 h.

Волоконный лазерный источник IPG Photonics 500W

Цены на все волоконные лазерные станки включает в себя:

    - Комплектный станок с ЧПУ сразу готовый к работе
    - Промышленное охлаждение лазерного источника и режущей головы
    - Система управления, включая необходимое программное обеспечение для станков с ЧПУ
    - Установка оборудования и обучение персонала
    - Сервисная поддержка на территории Украины и склад расходных запчастей
    - Поддержка по телефону и выезд на место сервисного техника 


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